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6 - 9PM


Audition Process:

  • Sign up for a time slot and apply to let us know you would like to audition.
  • Everyone will audition to the same song, “Hands Toward Heaven,” by North Point InsideOut.  Our worship team does it in the key of F. If vocalists need another key, please let Greg know.   Vocalists may be asked to sing melody and/or harmony.
  • Each prospective team member will audition before a committee of worship team members.  You will sing or play alongside a guitarist and one or two vocalists, along with a metronome (the song is played at 120 bpm). Please bring your own set of earbuds in order to hear the metronome.
  • Your audition will be recorded for further review by the committee.
  • After playing through the song, the committee will review your application, and may ask you a few questions. After your interview, the leaders will privately discuss your application, and let you know what your next steps will be.

What if I don’t make the team?

Not everyone who auditions will be accepted as an on-stage worship team member. This does not mean you are less valuable or less loved.  Depending on your audition, you may be invited to continue working on your skill, and audition again at a later date.  We may also work to help you find another way to serve.

Questions? Contact Greg.